Prepping Your Home For The Holidays

Prepping Your Home For The Holidays

While the holidays are a favorite time of year for many of us, it also tends to be the most stressful. Between buying gifts, organizing events, and preparing your home for the festivities, we can easily feel overwhelmed. However, getting your home ready for the holidays doesn’t need to be a burden. Here is our […]

5 Fall DIY Maintenance Projects for Homeowners

fall diy maintenance

Now that it’s fall and beginning to cool down outside, it’s time to get to some of those home maintenance projects you’ve been putting off all summer. Staying on top of your preventative home maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your home in good shape, and it can help you avoid even more […]

Control Humidity In Your Prattville, AL Home

Control Humidity

Control Humidity In Your Prattville, AL Home Central Alabama residents aren’t strangers to high heat and humidity in the summer, leaving us yearning for colder weather or the cool comfort inside our homes. However, if the humidity levels in your home are too high, you’ll be left feeling uncomfortable inside as well. To add to […]

5 Must-Haves For Creating Your Smart Home

smart home

5 Must-Haves For Creating Your Smart Home Having a smart home doesn’t mean all your homely-duties are done for you, but it does mean your life at home will get much easier and more efficient. With new advances in technology, it’s never been easier to create the smart home of your dreams. However, there are […]

Child-Proofing HVAC Tips for Your Montgomery Home

Child-Proofing HVAC Tips

Child-Proofing HVAC Tips for Your Montgomery Home When child-proofing your home, the elements making up your home’s comfort system may not come to mind. Children often find themselves intrigued with floor vents, thermostats, or outdoor units, and if not child-proofed, these elements can be dangerous. Keep your home comfortable and your little ones safe by […]

5 Ways to Keep Good Indoor Air Quality, Even With Pets

good indoor air quality even with pets

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re among the 85 million American households with pets! While we enjoy playing with them, snuggling with them, and loving on them, there’s also something we don’t enjoy so much… constantly having to clean up their hair. If you have a furry friend that leaves hair balls and […]

Get Clean Air With An Air Purification System

air purification

The accumulation of pet dander, airborne allergy pollutants, and dust is a major problem in households today. With these elements posing a risk to your health, it’s important to know how to keep them under control. If you’ve found dust settling around your home, pieces of fur lying about the house, or traces of pollen […]