Child-Proofing HVAC Tips for Your Montgomery Home

Child-Proofing HVAC Tips

Child-Proofing HVAC Tips for Your Montgomery Home

When child-proofing your home, the elements making up your home’s comfort system may not come to mind. Children often find themselves intrigued with floor vents, thermostats, or outdoor units, and if not child-proofed, these elements can be dangerous. Keep your home comfortable and your little ones safe by following these child-proofing HVAC tips for your Montgomery area home.

Cover The Thermostat

It’s no secret that children love pressing buttons and if your thermostat is in an area where your children may be able to access it, add a thermostat protector or cover. Thermostat protectors help keep little fingers from drastically changing the set temperature, keep your system from freezing, keep indoor temperatures comfortable at all times, and help prevent damage to your comfort system.

Add Mesh to Vents

If your child has a habit of putting their fingers or other objects into air vents, a great way to prevent anything from getting stuck is to install mesh behind the vent. Remove the vent cover from the floor or wall and secure vinyl mesh (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) on the inside of the vent cover before re-securing it. You can find these covers on Amazon, or contact us for our recommendation.

Secure Floor Vents

Loose floor vents make it easy for your child to remove the vent cover and drop toys or other objects into your air ducts. This could cause damage or prevent your system from working properly. If your floor vents are missing screws or were never secured, it can be very easy to remove the vent covers. To prevent this, ensure all vents are properly secured according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Invest in Plastic Vents

Sometimes metal vents have sharp edges that can cut your child’s fingers or feet. Avoid this by swapping your metal vent covers for plastic vent covers. These can be found at most home improvement stores and fit most vent sizes. 

Look Outside Too

When your child is playing outside, they may come into contact with the outdoor unit. This could be a disaster waiting to happen if a barrier is not created around the unit. Adding a fence, foliage, or shrubbery around the unit will deter children from going near the area. If you choose to create a barrier, always leave enough room for our technicians to inspect and repair the unit. Three to five feet of space is best for ensuring the unit continues operating properly.

What’s Next?

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