Prepping Your Home For The Holidays

Prepping Your Home For The Holidays

While the holidays are a favorite time of year for many of us, it also tends to be the most stressful. Between buying gifts, organizing events, and preparing your home for the festivities, we can easily feel overwhelmed. However, getting your home ready for the holidays doesn’t need to be a burden. Here is our breakdown of recommended tasks to have your house in tip top shape before the guests arrive.

Start Outside

Oftentimes it can be easy to get frazzled by everything inside your home. Start fresh by beginning with the outside of your house. This is the first impression your guests will have when they arrive at your home. Begin by clearing away leaves, trimming bushes, and overall, tidying up your front lawn. Move any toys or yard tools into the garage or basement to clear clutter. 

While you’re already outside, start planning your outdoor decor. Remember, simple can go a long way. Don’t pressure yourself to go overboard with outdoor lights and end up with no time left for decorating anywhere else. Line your walkway or drive instead of the roofline to be safe and efficient with your outdoor decor!

While these aren’t mandatory, a fresh coat of paint or a new roof are investments worth considering. They can truly make a huge difference in your home’s curbside appeal. While both have rather long lifespans, it is something to consider when preparing your home for the holidays.

Declutter, Clean, And Decorate

Before you begin deep cleaning your home, start by decluttering. A decluttered room often gives the illusion of a much cleaner space. Open up your closets, the garage, and even the junk drawer you dread opening. This is a great opportunity to donate unneeded furniture or clothes to your local donation centers as well. Once you’ve organized inside, cleaning is a lot less daunting. 

With less clutter, there is also more room for decorations! When it comes to decorating, don’t overthink it. DIY decor can be the best opportunity to get the family to gather together and make memories. 

Service Your HVAC System

Maintaining your HVAC system is possibly the most overlooked aspect of preparing your home for the holiday season. In reality, ensuring your system is performing efficiently is crucial to staying happy and comfortable throughout the season. Nobody wants to be left out in the cold this winter. If you’re not enrolled in a maintenance program, be sure to make an appointment to have one of our technicians inspect your system. Enrolling in a regular maintenance program will help maximize the life expectancy of your system and provide you with many other great benefits. 

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