6 Tips for Efficient Home Heating In Central Alabama

efficient home heating

There’s a chill in the air of central Alabama and we’re doing everything we can to keep warm inside our homes. Now that the cold is here to stay for a while, we won’t be turning off our heating systems any time soon. To many of us, keeping the heat up means higher energy bills, but it doesn’t have to! If you’re looking for ways to save money during the chill of winter, following these tips for efficient home heating in central Alabama. 

1. Stop Drafts

Sealing drafts should ideally be done before the cold weather hits, but if you haven’t done it and you’re feeling chills inside your home, do it now. You could be losing money AND comfortable temperatures from the heat escaping your home and cold air entering it. Check all your doors and windows to ensure there are no cracks and that they’re properly lined with weatherstripping. For extra protection, buy draft stoppers for your windows and doors.

2. Schedule The Thermostat

Programming your thermostat to the most efficient schedule is a great way to save money throughout the cold season. If you’re gone for the majority of most days running errands or going to work, you can schedule your home’s temperature to be set lower while you’re away. Even better, you can set it to warm up again before you even return home. If you’re going out of town, set the thermostat to be lower while you’re away to save money while you’re gone. Lastly, set the temperature lower while you’re sleeping to save money and get better sleep. These are just a few ways you can have better efficiency with a programmable thermostat.

For more tips on scheduling your thermostat check out our Guide to Controlling Your Programmable Thermostat.

3. Clear and Clean Air Vents

Air vents often become blocked by furniture and other obstructions throughout the house. However, it’s important that objects such as furniture, toys, and even curtains are not blocking your air vents. If they are, your furnace will have to work unnecessarily hard to heat your home. This also goes for dust and debris blocking the flow of air into your home. Clean your vents regularly to ensure the air is clean and your furnace is efficient.

4. Change Filters

The filter in your comfort system MUST be clean as well. Over time, filters become clogged and can prevent air from flowing steadily into your home, decreasing efficiency. It can also trip safety sensors that cause your system to shut down completely to avoid hazardous conditions. Avoid a clogged filter by replacing or cleaning it regularly; every 1-3 months. This will keep your home comfortable, your bills lower, and your family safe.

5. Sign Up For Preventive Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is important for the health and efficiency of your heating system. At Barrett Heating & Cooling, our maintenance plan includes an annual check-up of your heating system to ensure it’s operating properly and at maximum efficiency before the cold weather hits. Our licensed technicians perform a thorough inspection, change dirty filters, and even repair worn out or damaged parts. As an added bonus, you also receive priority service and discounts on parts. Preventive maintenance saves you money all year round. 

6. Do The Little Things

Following the tips mentioned above, you should experience higher efficiency and see a decrease in your monthly energy bills. However, if you’re looking to go the extra mile, try these tips for efficient home heating as well:

      • On sunny days, open the blinds or curtains to let the sunshine warm your home.
      • On mild days, layer up with sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and a comfy sweater, and turn off the heat.
      • Set ceiling fans to turn clockwise in the winter, pushing the air up and dispersing heat evenly throughout the room.
      • Use rugs on hard surfaces to hold heat.
      • Monitor humidity levels and consider installing an air handler in your home with the advice of a professional from Barrett Heating & Cooling. Air handlers improve system efficiency and provide cleaner, more comfortable air throughout your home.


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