Fire Prevention Tips for Safely Heating Your Home

fire prevention

Fire Prevention

As the weather cools down outside, we begin to crank up the heat inside. We get the fireplace going, light candles, and most importantly, turn on our heating systems. You’ve probably been doing this your whole life, but have you been following the proper safety protocols? If not, your home and your family could be at risk. Avoid being victim to one of the 350,000 home fires that occur each year by following these fire prevention safety tips.

space heater

Space Heater

      • Do not leave a space heater unattended, and unplug it before leaving the room or your house.
      • NEVER connect a space heater to an extension cord.
      • If the heater has a damaged cord or plug, do not use it.
      • Ensure there is at least 3 feet of clearance from objects around the space heater.



      • Regularly clean and inspect your chimney. 
      • Ensure there is at least 3 feet of clearance from objects around the fireplace.
      • Always use a screen to block loose embers and sparks from escaping the fireplace.
      • Never use flammable liquids to ignite the fire.
      • Never leave the fire unattended.



      • NEVER use your oven to heat your home.
      • Keep the oven clean before cooking in it.
      • If you smell gas coming from the oven, open a window and contact a professional.
      • NEVER use your oven for storage.



      • Do not leave burning candles unattended. 
      • Keep candles at least 12 inches from anything that can burn.
      • Blow out candles when you leave a room.
      • Keep candles in sturdy candle holders and locations.
      • Do not use candles during power outages.

fire prevention

Heating Equipment Safety Tips

      • When installing a wood burning stove, have a professional do the work and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Be sure to vent any fuel burning equipment outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and keep plenty of clearance around the stove.
      • When installing stationary central heating equipment, have a licensed professional from Barrett Heating & Cooling do the work. We’re trained on installation methods for local codes and will ensure your system is installed properly for the comfort of your home and the safety of your family.
      • Get a maintenance plan for your HVAC system. Our maintenance plans make sure your system runs smoothly throughout every season and ensures increased efficiency and prolonged system life to save you money.
      • Smell gas? Turn off the appliance immediately and evacuate. Call the fire department or your local gas company for the next steps.
      • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Regularly test your alarms to ensure they’re working properly.


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